Duplic8 offers world-class customer services to increase the productivity of your business and give you a competitive advantage in your market.


We are leaders in printing solutions in the Wide Bay area. As official partners of the award-winning Canon Solutions, we provide a superior level of sales, service and support for our customers that remain unrivalled.

Duplic8 is 100% locally owned and operated. We fully understand and utilises the local economic trends in order to give back to the community and its various organisations and projects.

With over 50 years of combined experience, our friendly, knowledgeable and passionate staff maintain a level of professionalism in the field for an enhanced customer service experience.


Our aim of optimising your company’s digital integration ensures that we are maximising productivity in all your business processes. We assist your business by identifying problems in manual document processing and increased equipment costs. We have a simplified but unique strategic evaluation process to cater to different types of businesses to understand their needs and how to improve efficiency in a structured manner. Our specialty is creating streamlined workflows to reduce the ongoing costs of each individual business.

Beyond Printing

We combine our expertise with all our products and our world-class customer service, we make the process of transitioning to the latest technology and processes smoother for all our customers.

We dedicate the time to actively listen to your concerns and all the important aspects of your business. In turn, we can provide you with an in-depth evaluation of your needs to create a more effective strategic outline to increase your company’s productivity which will ultimately give you a competitive advantage in your market.

End User Experience

Our unique service agreements include preventative maintenance schedules at least three times a year to ensure all components are operating to their maximum capacity and performance. This does not only protect your investment but reduce downtime in case of hardware malfunction occurs. We have a wide range of spare parts and consumables in stock to support your business. We have a strong focus on service response time and a 90% guarantee of our service calls are being attended to in under 2 hours for all our Duplic8 Gold Advantage Clients. Our services are easily accessible to our customers allowing them to focus on their day to day operations without disruptions. Our trained technicians will monitor equipment on a regular basis to stay one step ahead of malfunctions and provide you with detailed reports about the condition, performance and longevity of the product.

End User Experience

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Digital transformation is upon us and can revolutionise how you deliver content to your customers. Many organisations deal with more documents than ever with internal and external processes still requiring large amounts of manual and labourious back end system data entry. Incorrect data can lead to a massive loss of income.

& Support

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